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Minnesota Property Taxes rising in a down market

Today’s Star Tribune article explains the recent changes to Minnesota State law that will effect nearly all property owners in the State.  Unfortunatley when our governor and legislature compromised on a budget deal, the property tax issue was a piece of the deal that was not readily understood until just recently.  The bottom line.. property…read more

Closing Costs in Minnesota Ranking

Bankrate.come just released a closing cost estimate by state.  Out of the 50 states, Minnsota has the 17th highest closing costs based on a hypothetical example of a $200,000 priced home and 20% down.   New York has the highest closing costs in the nation.  

New Home Sales continue to fall

Today’s article from Builder Magazine compares new home sales versus existing homes.  According to the 2010 Census, this past year posted the lowest new home sales transactions since data was collected in 1963.  Although not good news for builders and developers, buyers looking to build new will continue to find enticing properties and deals in…read more

10 Home Renovations that may not pay..

Not all home improvements have a positive return-on-investment (ROI).  What may be appealing to one buyer can be offensive to another.  The following is a list of improvements to avoid: Many people, often working under the assumption that all renovations increase the value of a property, spend thousands of dollars on expensive upgrades, changes and…read more

Property Taxes – Going up in a down housing market?

 If your like many homeowners, you recently received your 2011 property tax statment in the mail this past month.  Like most homeowners, the value of your property decreased..however many households found thier property taxes increasing!  It doesn’t sound fair I know, however some municipalities such as Minneapolis have really socked it to homeowners, many experiencing…read more