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Flipping houses…a lucurative business in the Twin Cities

As the housing market turned a corner in 2013, house flippers contributed to the turn-around.  Many investors in the Metro Area were able to purchase foreclosed homes for cents on the dollar, remodel the homes, then bring them back to the market.  I recently viewed 8 properties with a client and 7 of the 8…read more

Money does grow on trees!

A recent study confirms what I often tell clients; mature trees add curb appeal to a property and can increase a homes sale price.  The study found that homes with trees sold for over $7,000 more than other like homes!  Not only do trees add curb appeal and can lower your cooling costs in the…read more

10 Home Renovations that may not pay..

Not all home improvements have a positive return-on-investment (ROI).  What may be appealing to one buyer can be offensive to another.  The following is a list of improvements to avoid: Many people, often working under the assumption that all renovations increase the value of a property, spend thousands of dollars on expensive upgrades, changes and…read more