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Affordability Waning as New Construction Prices escalate in the Twin Cities

A newly released report by the Housing Affordability Institute stresses what I’ve been researching for year; Twin Cities new construction costs are higher than many other metropolitan areas across the country.  Yes we live in a cold climate that requires increased costs for energy efficiencies; but the underlying factor is it cost more to build…read more

Get out and Vote! Red vs. Blue and the Housing Market

One of the most important mid-term elections of our life-time is Tuesday November 6th….so please get out and vote!  I have reposted an interesting article from comparing the housing market by county and by political leaning.  Interesting read. Red vs. Blue America: How the Nation’s Real Estate Divide Could Determine the Midterm Elections By…read more

Twin Cities New Construction Among Highest in the U.S.

The Mullins Group is often asked, “why is new construction so expensive” compared to other Metro Areas?  There isn’t one reason; but a multitude of reasons why housing is so pricey in the Metro Area.  A few  of the reasons include:  land costs, Met Council MUSA line, over-the-top building code changes, impact fees from local…read more

2017 Twin Cities Real Estate Outlook: Sellers in the driver seat

The Twin Cities real estate market has witnessed a fundamental shift over the past few years from a buyers to sellers market.  Inventory (i.e. the supply of homes) continues to remain very low which has resulted in price appreciation and few days on market.  In 2016 the median days on market was only 33 days,…read more

Few Entry-Level New Homes Under Construction in Twin Cities

Like most areas across the country, the Twin Cities real estate market as drastically impacted by last decade’s housing downturn and the ensuing Great Recession.  After peaking in 2005 and 2006, the median sales price of a home in the Twin Cities is finally back up to the pre-recessionary levels.  However, the new construction market…read more

Twin Cities first-ring burbs showing strong gains in home prices

Home pricing in the Twin Cities has recovered from the recession as the median sale price has once again reached the peak back in 2005 and 2006.  However, in many communities within the 494 core and specifically first-ring suburban communities; housing pricing has appreciated faster than communities on the fringe.  This is in part due…read more